Daily Answer Writing (Mains)


No matter how much you have studied and how well you have understood the concepts, what matters in the Civil Service Examination is your ability to present your ideas coherently in the answer sheets. Writing a good answer is not a natural outcome of reading more. It is an only dedicated and disciplined practice that will give you the edge over others. It has been observed that: 

  1. Most of the students first prepare for 1.5 -2 years and then suddenly join a costly Mains Test series without the basic preparation. 
  2. 90% of the students join full-fledged test series but never appear in the test bearing the initial 2-3 tests; because they feel that they are not prepared.
  3. Added to its absence of regular and timely feedback or discussion classes results in poor learning outcomes.


We, at DR. SUDHIR’S CLASSES have initiated an interactive, dedicated, and intensive module for serious aspirants willing to clear the CSE Main Exam in the very first attempt. 

In this we will cover all four papers and focus on writing how to write introduction, body, conclusion, how to approach any answer, how to understand the demand of the question with individual feedback. 

It will be in complete alignment with the standard of the CSE Mains Examinations. It is easy to practice one question daily and improve gradually over a period of 4 months with Individual feedback daily.

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