GS Mains Test Series 2022

It is important to practice test series because once you begin to assess yourself by means of the test series for UPSC exam, you get to know both your strengths as well as weaknesses. The sooner you get to know both your pluses and minuses, the better it is. Almost all UPSC aspirants would agree that it is not easy to crack the UPSC exam, let alone scoring high. But the point is that if you want to not only crack the exam, but also score well in order to rank higher than your competitors when the UPSC exam results are declared, you should know how to answer the UPSC exam question paper correctly. Other exams may be tough but the UPSC exam is usually considered the toughest. So, it is only advisable to get familiar with the UPSC question papers’ trends of the past few years by attempting to answer the test series for the UPSC exam as frequently as possible.



  • 12 tests
  • 8 sectional+ 4 full length
  • Class discussion
  • Model answers 
  • One to one doubt clearing sessions/ personal guidance

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