NCERT Building Blocks Course

  • Being the most basic books, NCERT Books are the foundation for the entire UPSC preparation. 
  • Reading and understanding NCERT for UPSC holds the utmost important role in the entire UPSC journey.
  • We know the importance of NCERT, and hence this course will help you to build your foundation for UPSC civil services examination.

Benefits of NCERT for UPSC CSE

  • It helps in building a base for the UPSC preparation.
  • Initiating your UPSC journey with NCERTs will boost your confidence in learning.
  • It creates a habit of reading and learning. As UPSC is a long journey, this habit you need to inculcate as soon as possible, so kick start with it.
  • NCERTs are meticulously drafted by eminent authors, so the information is provided in the books after extensive research which you can rely on for proving your opinion in the Mains and Interview.

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