Prelims Mastering Program

The Prelims Master Program is a Comprehensive Prelims Focused classroom program covering a full syllabus covering traditional subjects and giving a special focus on those subjects that are undermined by students such as Science and Technology, Environment, Art & Culture in about 60+ classes to gain confidence and stay ahead of your competitors. 

In these classes, you will learn from Basics to Advanced concepts, and our major focus is on understanding every student’s problems while attempting multiple-choice questions (MCQs). 

Our mentors sit with every student and give them a unique and individual strategy that helps them in mastering the subjects and provides the confidence to solve multiple-choice questions (MCQs) of the Civil Services Exam standard.  

Considering the evolving exam pattern in recent years, the Prelims Master Program (PMP) will ensure that students at Dr. Sudhir’s Classes have a comprehensive preparation with conceptual clarity and strategy with individual handholding to have that much-needed confidence to qualify for Prelims 2021. 


Why Dr. Sudhir’s Classes Prelims Master Program? 

  • We focus on Priority high-yielding topics in every subject.
  • Our focus is not only on traditional subjects such as Polity, Geography but also on unconventional topics such as Science and Technology, Art & Culture, and Environment. These unconventional subjects will give that extra advantage and confidence to qualify for Prelims examinations in one attempt. 
  • Most of the students have a knowledge base and content, but they may lack a strategy or have some attitudinal problems which inhibit them in qualifying Prelims exam. Dr. Sudhir’s Classes is known for individual mentoring. Our expert mentors sit with the student and understand his/her problem and accordingly guide them to conquer their fear, develop a balanced strategy, and come out with flying colors in the Prelims examination.
  • Because our experts decoded the Prelims examination’s changing pattern, we help the students understand what is required to master the subjects and strategy to crack the Prelims examination.


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